David Hayward

David Hayward |Lawyer

Martin & Hillyer Associates

1005 Skyview Dr., Suite 200, Burlington, O‌N L7P 5B1

David has practiced law with Martin & Hillyer Associates since 1994.

David has an active motor vehicle accident practice. He also represents clients in disputes over their entitlement to MVA accident benefits. He has conducted numerous arbitrations and has argued appeals at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the Ontario Court of Appeal. He now represents claimants before the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT). In addition to MVAs, David helps clients in long term disability, CPP and other personal injury claims.

In addition to his personal injury and disability practice, David practices criminal law. He is frequently appointed to represent accused people who are mentally ill. He also conducts hearings before the Ontario Review Board.

David knows that “three heads are better than one” and enjoys practicing with the support of skilled and experienced staff members.


October 4, 2023